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Providing Extensive Support To Future Digital Marketers Worldwide

At a certain point, most of the digital marketing experts and SEO analysts would need a certain boost in their careers. They might need to enhance their skill and gain prolific knowledge.

Grownomics Digital Marketing Agency is proud to provide an annual digital marketing scholarship. This scholarship assists university students. It helps to prepare for an interactive and engaging future in digital marketing.

Of course, online digital marketing is changing and it is indeed evolving every day.

Meeting And Satisfying Demands Of Various Skilled Digital Marketing Experts

No doubt, the demand for digital marketing is going to increase in the coming years. As long as the internet is going to be the major place for people to gain information, find out new products and services, and even communicate with other individuals.

But here the various kinds of organizations marketing on the web are beyond the basic and typical internet-related or the digital-savvy kind of firms that most people are commonly accustomed to seeing online. Nowadays, it is a common sight to see various nonprofits, governments, and even individuals using the internet to market their major ideas, cause, and even themselves.

Who Are We And What We Do?

Being one of the premium digital marketing agencies in Australia, we are known to provide a personalized approach in understanding why your business and online website needs good growth.

Now each of the local Australian small and medium businesses is unique. These Australian businesses will require marketing that would attract various leads but it also should have the major ability in supporting their various business operations. It is common for businesses in looking for various methodologies in gaining extensive online marketing support and that too in a sustainable way.

Having more than 15 years of experience in assisting various small and medium-sized Australian firms in expanding their business, we have even helped the owners and staff develop their lifestyles. Here, you do need to realize that businesses are not just about numbers, they are more about individuals and emotions.

Grownomics is constantly endeavoring to create some of the best websites. These websites are developed keeping in mind the requirements and necessity of the business. Besides, the SEO strategies and techniques are implemented after having a good understanding of the ambitions of the clients, their competitors, budget, and various other factors. This will help businesses in attracting their customers in the best ways to provide services that they are on the lookout for.

Why do we want to help?

Grownomics has the desire to assist and develop the skills of students that want to succeed in digital marketing. There are even various students who are considering a career in the field of digital marketing and online services.

We are aware that the success of the future generation is based on education and the development of experience that today’s students have. So, keeping in mind of this, we are trying to incentivize these types of individuals who can be of great assistance for our industry and help in thriving in the future. We are offering a scholarship for $1000 that can help in paying the tuition fees of selected students.

Additional Details about Digital Marketing Scholarship Program

Grownomics has a privacy policy for all applicants. Here, as per the policy the submissions given by applicants would not be shared with anyone and it is only for the usage of the Grownomics.

Most importantly, other parties cannot gain access to these details and even the ones collected during the process. During the submission deadline, all the applications would be evaluated and then the winning applicant would be contacted after a detailed assessment. The best part is that all winners would have their names and photographs published on our website.

Overview Of The Digital Marketing Scholarship

It is the esteemed pleasure of Grownomics to announce the annual scholarship for the year 2020. We aim to strive and reward the best minds in digital marketing and ensure that they have a great career in social media management.

Grownomics is pleased in supporting the next generation of internet marketing professionals. We have more than a decade of experience in developing and providing the best digital marketing strategies. So, we feel that it is important and the time has come for us to give back.

Scholarship awards that total to around $1000 will be given to the eligible candidate showing the strongest passions for digital marketing and online marketing strategies, and this can be used for his or her degree.

How Can You Apply For Digital Marketing Scholarship?

The following are the steps to apply for the scholarship of Grownomics –

  • Writing An Essay

Applicants need to submit a 1,000-word essay. It must discuss and provide a deep explanation regarding the impact of digital marketing in the selected field of study. This can be in various fields like public relations, advertising, web design, copywriting, or might be a brand-new role that is going to emerge in the industry.

  • Criteria Of Assessment

Here the essay needs to be at least 1,000 words and it includes the following –

       The work needs to be original and not plagiarized.

       You can use references and they must be cited using the choice of your referencing style.

       Graphics and images can be used. But they must be ones that you have created.

Also, when you are going to send the email the subject line must be “Digital Marketing Scholarship [Name]”. Here along with the email, you need to attach the below things –

       Cover Letter

       Resume

       Academic Transcript

Now when you have finished attaching the below things, send us an email. Send to our email id [email protected]

Deadline And Scholarship Prize

Our Grownomics digital marketing scholarship program provides an opportunity for those people that are excelling in their studies and ones that want to gain another opportunity.

If you are interested in applying, just send us an email, and we will get in touch with you. The closing date is 31st December of every year.

A scholarship of $1,000 will be given once each calendar year. This will go to the student’s education in digital marketing. A maximum of one scholarship is given every calendar year. Keep in mind that this will be awarded as per the discretion of the Grownomics Marketing Agency, pending that the correct candidate is found.

“Grownomics believes in helping newcomers into the digital marketing industry and wants to provide them with a  stepping stone to their future career”